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Meriel Marina Bay

Shadley Associates worked with Hines, Elkus Manfredi and Cube 3 Architects on this multifamily housing complex.  Meriel Marina Bay is located on 5.8 acres of waterfront with panoramic views across Dorchester Bay to downtown Boston.  The project consists of two, four-story buildings with 352 apartments and approximately 20,000 square feet of retail space and restaurants, and it offers the exceptional combination of a modern urban lifestyle with a seaside resort ambience.

Shadley Associates designed the public boardwalk and a pocket park, which replaced inaccessible and vacant greyfields.  These improvements provide a significant new extension for the popular Boardwalk at Marina Bay, and create a direct pedestrian connection to the Department of Conservation and Recreation's 46-acre waterfront park at Squantum Point. A significant part of the project for Shadley Associates was the waterfront technical collaboration with the architects and structural engineers to withstand the storms that are anticipated to come from rising seawater at this exposed oceanfront setting.

SA also provided full landscape architectural services for the project's four roofdecks.  The project theme is that of a modern waterfront setting, and so the landscape design employs a relatively spare approach to the use of familiar oceanfront materials like wood decking, raw granite “seawall” blocks, and grasses to establish a genuine, contextual character appropriate to placemaking throughout the site.  The courtyards vary in terms of active and passive uses and public and more private spaces, and include amenities such as multiple arbors, a swimming pool, fire pits, a fountain, grilling, dining and bar spaces, play / activity areas and a variety of garden spaces.

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