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Polar Park

Shadley Associates is the lead landscape architect and a subconsultant to DAIQ Architects, lead architect of Polar Park, the proposed 10,000-seat baseball stadium in Worcester, MA.  Along with a large team of consultants, Shadley Associates is working to create a site that integrates the baseball park with the surrounding historic community and with future development. The project is expected to serve as the anchor of a larger redevelopment initiative in Worcester’s Canal District.

SA’s design effort focuses on creating flexible outdoor spaces that support Polar Park baseball games and community events as well as a diverse program of activities that make the Park a year-round attraction. These include an attractive entry plaza, an enthralling play area, several small vibrant spaces along park edges and universal accessibility throughout.

SA’s overall scope encompasses site work including pavements and curbing, landscaped areas, an extensive playground, site fencing and gateways, site furnishings, collaboration on ballpark sculptures, site lights and on grading and site circulation. The ballpark is scheduled to open in spring, 2021.


Watercolor rendering provided by DAIQ Architects

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