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Harvard Boathouses

Shadley Associates is working with Harvard University and Architects Brunner/Cott and Peterson Architects on renovations to Harvard’s two iconic boathouses along the Charles River. Newell Boathouse was originally completed in 1900 on the Boston side of the Charles, while Weld Boathouse was completed in 1906 on the Cambridge side. 

Newell is undergoing extensive renovations including new boat storage sheds and parking areas, which are all located to minimize site impacts and constructed with sustainable improvements including porous paving, infiltration chambers, and newly created wetlands. The landscape design preserves, enhances, and extends the existing riparian ecosystem with a naturalistic aesthetic along the riverfront, prioritizing the removal of unhealthy and invasive plants while protecting existing healthy mature vegetation and adding significant new native plantings.

For the Weld site, the formal terrace along busy Memorial Drive will be refreshed while respecting its historic design.  Like the Newell site, proposed new elements will be integrated with minimal impact and existing vegetation will be preserved and enhanced.

Both projects were subject to rigorous design review and permitting processes. Construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024 prior to the Head of the Charles Regatta in October.

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