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Kierstead Park

Shadley Associates is leading a team of consultants in the renovation of Kierstead Park.  Proposed improvements are focused on an upgraded Little League ballfield and a new, expanded playground.  The design will improve universal accessibility to all areas of the park while providing a variety of activities that encourage play, movement, and social interaction.  Program elements include new playground equipment and rubber safety surfacing, picnic tables and benches, an open lawn area, a Little League field with spectator seating and dugout shelters, new batting cage, and a loop walk with site lights for pedestrian circulation and maintenance access.  New fencing and barrier netting protects the community from baseballs leaving the field of play, creating a safe and inviting environment for all.  A new irrigation system will support the health of the ballfield while drainage improvements capture and infiltrate stormwater on site and address previous erosion and drainage problems.  New planting introduces native vegetation for shade, habitat, and climate resiliency.  Shadley Associates prepared a Master Plan in 2020 with extensive community involvement.  From 2022-2023, Shadley Associates led a multidisciplinary team through the development of bid documents.  David W. White & Son began construction in October 2023 and the park is expected to be completed in summer 2024.

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