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Linden Community Rink

Shadley Associates is leading a team of consultants for the renovation of an existing street hockey rink at the Linden STEAM Academy in Malden, MA. The existing rink has fallen into disrepair after years of heavy use by the school and community at large. Proposed improvements include new concrete surrounding pavement with new full-depth asphalt for the rink, and establishing multiple accessible routes to the rink, adjacent basketball court and playground/fitness areas.  Site regrading for accessibility requires a small retaining wall on the north end of the rink that will also function as a seatwall for spectators.  In addition, bleachers will be installed on the southern end of the rink as a more formal viewing area.  Brand new dasherboards with fencing above, plus five gates for access, will enclose the rink.  New benches for two teams will be installed.  The improved rink will have light blue color surfacing applied to increase reflectivity and reduce the heat island effect, and lines for both hockey and pickleball will be installed.  Because the rink is partially within the 100-year floodplain, proposed grading minimizes fill, and the small amount of additional impervious pavements drain into subsurface infiltration chambers, thereby reducing stormwaer runoff into the adjacent playing field.  The center of the rink will be marked with the face of a tiger, the mascot of the school.  Construction of the rink is underway and is expected to be completed before school begins in late August, 2024.

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