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Hybrid Post & Beam Barn

Shadley Associates is the project designer and manager leading a team that includes a contractor who specializes in barns, a structural engineer, and the property’s resident caretaker farmer, on a hybrid post and beam structure currently nearing completion in rural Kentucky.    

The project drew inspiration from the study of neighboring vernacular barns, then blended traditional elements and contemporary technologies to provide a balanced vision of regional beauty and efficient utility that will serve and inspire for the next 100 years.  

The barn combines elements such as nominal structural lumber with rough sawn poplar cladding, industrial service lighting with ornamental focal lighting, and color galvanized aluminum metal roofing with traditional venting via soffits, a ridge vent and functional cupolas. Solar panels will supplement power.

The 60’x120’ barn is on schedule to be completed in the early fall of 2024.

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