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River's Edge Park

The Park at River’s Edge is a story of transformation. As the spearhead of a 30-acre brownfield restoration and economic revitalization project, the project transformed an industrial wasteland into a healthy waterfront ecology and a well-used landscape which is at once contemporary and yet wholly familiar: a sculptural reinterpretation of a historic New England waterfront.

The park’s most important function is to provide substantial and accessible open space, and with over a mile of sidewalks it is well connected to the nearby downtown, the MBTA and beyond via the Wellington Greenway. There is also a youth soccer field, boathouse rowing facilities and two large open lawn spaces. The park is heavily used every day by residents, office workers, and visitors, who are rowers, bicyclists, strollers, birders, dog walkers, and sunbathers. The park also hosts special events such as regattas, river festivals and art fairs.

The Park at Rivers Edge has been featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine and Landscape Architect and Specifier’s annual Environmental Issue; it won a Design Honor Award from the Boston Society of Landscape Architects and was named the Environmental Business Council’s Brownfield Project of the Year. 

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