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King Oak Hill Park

Shadley Associates led a multi-disciplinary team consisting of an architect, civil and electrical engineers and an archaeologist to create this new public park on the site of a former estate.  Acquired by the Town of Weymouth in 2011 using CPA funds, King Oak Hill Park preserves 24 acres of pristine open space for passive recreation and public enjoyment.  Sitting atop a drumlin with views of the Boston skyline, the park offers a secluded retreat from the bustling town below.

The park plan respects the character and vernacular of the existing 1903 Georgian revival home, modeled after George Washington’s Mount Vernon.  The new park includes a 1,500 square foot pavilion, custom-designed restroom building, new entry drive, drop-off area, parking for 55 vehicles, seating, bicycle parking, signage, ornamental site lighting, and landscaping.  Despite the challenge of a sloping site, accessible pedestrian circulation was a primary focus and the new park includes a quarter-mile accessible loop trail that rings the summit of King Oak Hill.

This $1.75 million construction project was partially funded by a Massachusetts PARC grant and the project was approved by the Massachusetts Historical Commission following intensive archaeological investigations at this historically and culturally significant site.  The construction of King Oak Hill Park was completed in 2018.

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