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Bangor Waterfront Park

In 2009 Shadley Associates updated the Bangor Waterfront District Master Plan.  The Plan illustrates the direction for public and private investment and increased programming and use of the waterfront.  Since 2002, Bangor has invested approximately $13 million on the construction of improvements such as roadways, parking, sidewalks, trails, a universally accessible dock, lighting, street furnishings, granite interpretive medallions, signage, rain gardens and stormwater treatment, and planting.  Shadley Associates also prepared a Master Plan of the Waterfront Park, and worked with the City of Bangor on three subsequent construction phases for the park, including illuminated walkways, riverfront views and seating, and landscaped areas.  Shadley Associates also developed plans for a concert venue with a seating capacity of 10,000-12,000 people.  This venue formalizes the highly successful Waterfront Concert program.  Through these investments and continuous programming, the Bangor Waterfront has become a regional destination.

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