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Whittier Bridge

Shadley Associates worked with lead designer HNTB, design-build contractor Walsh-McCourt and MassDOT on 4 miles of planting along I-95 and the new Whittier Bridge in three communities in northern Massachusetts.  The project also created a shared-use pathway that provides a critical link of the William Lloyd Garrison Trail.  The goals of this restoration work included creating a native landscape along the highway to repair construction damage while also creating stormwater treatment areas.  Working with a large design-build and client team, Shadley Associates developed the planting plans, special provisions and plant lists for hundreds of new plants.  SA also worked with the landscape subcontractor on the procurement and placement of the new plants and seeding areas during the five-year construction period.  Construction of the $318 million  I-95 / John Greenleaf Whittier Memorial Bridge was completed in 2018.


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