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Tufts University Boathouse

The Tufts University Boathouse is located along the banks of the Malden River within the 220-acre River's Edge development. Situated above the floodline but within public parkland along the river, the Tufts Boathouse building is shared with the community for seasonal events.  The landscape design introduced a new public walkway along the river and amenities including new benches, bike racks, a bikeway and a river overlook. Extensive site remediation was required to rehabilitate the brownfield site, including the addition of a clean fill cap over the Boathouse site. Along the riverbank where capping was not possible, thorny plants were introduced to discourage the public from walking on the contaminated soils. Other ecological improvements include the removal of invasive wetland species, restoration of native wetland systems, and the use of pervious pavers in the boat laydown areas which will allow rainwater to infiltrate.  The project was awarded Best Boathouse for Architectural Achievement from the Rower’s Almanac/Boathouse Finder in 2009.

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