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Seaport Square

Shadley Associates provided landscape architectural services for four roofdecks atop the Benjamin and Via luxury residences in Boston's Seaport Square. SA worked with the Berkshire Group, Boston Global Investors and Elkus Manfredi Architects on the 832 unit project, which also includes 250,000 SF of high end retail space by WS Development. These two buildings feature "the best views of Boston in the City."

SA created four distinct spaces which together provide approximately one acre of roofdeck.  Each of the spaces supports different functions and each has an individual character that sets a unique tone.  At Benjamin, there is a quiet “Zen” garden with a sculpture of a breaking wave designed by JP Shadley.  The pool terrace is connected to the amenity wing of Benjamin, and it has finishes befitting a 5 star hotel. To compliment the programs at Via, SA's contemporary garden space is an extension of the “Fusion Wing, devoted to minimalist living," and there is also a remote rooftop loggia which soars above the dramatic surroundings and offers breathtaking views of the City. 

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