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Pickett Plaza

Shadley Associates is working with the city of Worcester to transform a previously developed parking lot into a lively public plaza.  Located on the newly planned Canal Street in Worcester’s downtown area, the proposed open space is approximately one half-acre in size.  It is intended to not only provide a significant pedestrian corridor between Green Street and Polar Park, Worcester’s new AAA baseball stadium currently under construction, but also to be a unique public open space destination.  The plaza will serve the City’s residents and students, the Green Street neighborhood, and ballpark visitors.

The site design focuses on creating a flexible open space that encourages safe and attractive passage for the multitude of pedestrians who will walk to the ballpark on game days as well as providing amenities for the public on non-game days.  Elements like multi-level shipping containers outfitted for food and beverage service and venues for retail establishments and pop-up shops will animate the plaza.  A central lawn serves as the heart of the plaza adjacent to a dining terrace and a linear water feature.  The dynamic water feature alludes to the history of the site and Worcester’s Canal District with a series of descending water pools.  Staging areas for both permanent and temporary art displays and festivals as well as landscape areas will make the site inviting and engaging throughout the entire year.  The design is unique and different from the City’s other parks, reinforcing the desire of this place to become a city destination. 

The project is currently in design and the plaza is scheduled to open in 2021.

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