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Generals Bridge OLD

Shadley Associates is working with transportation engineers and the City of Quincy to design commemorative features for the Generals Bridge project led by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  The $7 million new bridge spans MBTA tracks and will provide safe and improved circulation for pedestrians, cars, and bicyclists while connecting the Burgin Parkway with Quincy Center and future development areas.  Included in the initiative alongside cast concrete walls, ornamental fencing, informational panels, and ashlar concrete formwork are 14 polished granite plinths.  Each plinth features an inset red granite medallion with bronze insignias of the five branches of the U.S. military and recognizes the service of all U.S. military veterans, and four generals from the Quincy area.  Four pairs of plinths honor General Joseph Dunford, General James McConville, General Gordon Sullivan, and General Ronald Rand, who all came from Quincy.  Construction on Generals Bridge is expected to begin by late 2018.

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