Shadley Associates provided urban planning and landscape design for the Sanford Center / Mousam Waterfront Plan.  Working with the consultant team comprised of economic development specialists and engineers, town officials and community representatives, SA created designs for the redevelopment of large brick mill buildings and for the economic renewal of the heart of downtown.  Coupled with these revitalization projects were transportation and recreation improvements that support Sanford’s goal of a multi-use, thriving and livable town center.  The graphic renderings prepared by SA were used for extensive public meetings, funding applications and development solicitations.  Since then, SA has worked with the engineers on implementation of phased improvements to encourage private development.  Following the Waterfront Plan, SA led an assessment of downtown lighting alternatives including purchasing lamps with LED, MH or HPS and a leasing arrangement with Central Maine Power.  The Town chose purchasing new LED streetlights and the project was constructed.

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