Shadley Associates has provided pro-bono services to the Town of Lexington for many years.  Because of our commitment to the health and vitality of our town, as well as our physical presence in the heart of Lexington Center, we have provided expertise to Town staff, the Center Committee and other Town Committees, the Chamber of Commerce, and the DPW.  Working with others, Shadley Associates has provided design and and technical landscape architectural work, and has contributed the time of our employees.  For example, Pam Shadley serves on the Center Committee and is volunteering her time to assist the Town in guiding the development of a streetscape design and construction plan for Lexington Center. Working with a survey that SA assisted the Town in obtaining, our landscape architects laid out a new circulation system in one of our main parking areas that minimizes one-way routes, closes one vehicular alley, maximizes parking in the available space, accommodates service access to the businesses, and provides sidewalks and accessible routes where none currently exist.  Pedestrian connections encourage access to Lexington’s downtown and provides ADA-compliant access from the Minuteman Bikeway, including bicycle parking areas. A new plaza is created in the middle of the parking area, where tables and chairs will be located on porous pavement, near a rain garden. This Concept Plan is being considered by the community and by Town leaders for future Town Meeting capital expenditure requests. New parking signs are integrated into the Town’s wayfinding signage.

Images 1 and 2 by Pressley Associates
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